Kathryn Cunningham

Geospatial Developer

About Kathryn

Kathryn thrives on data wrangling and is informally hailed as the in-house ArcGIS guru. Her background comprises an eclectic mixture of geophysics, natural hazards research, clinical research & safari guiding. She has invaluable experience of handling data from its raw form throughout its journey to user consumption that in turn offers ideas on how to gain deeper insights and how to communicate this to the end-user.

She firmly believes that creativity is integral to creating innovative data solutions and is expanding her skill-sets to incorporate web development to achieve this. Since joining Geollect she has created situational awareness solutions for military, cruise line, insurance and logistical operations. Kathryn has also driven development of brand-new services including automated global equipment monitoring, extreme weather event monitoring and tools that examine the evolution of SARS-COVID-19.

Her favourite aspect of working in the Geollect team is the open atmosphere. Questions, discussions and suggestions are actively encouraged, and this attitude lends brilliantly to creating great results. She finds it incredibly rewarding to be a part of a team where capabilities are consistently advancing.

Apart from her role within the GIS team she organises the “Friday Banger” (a weekly music contest), office birthday celebrations and arranges Secret Santa at Christmas. Her personal passions in life include dogs, making the world better, and sandwiches.