Richard Watsham

Head of Innovation

About Richard

Joining Geollect in September 2022 was part of a change in career that I wanted to make, having spent 14 years as an Officer in the Royal Navy I was ready for a change. I knew that I wanted to continue to work in the fields of geospatial intelligence and environmental science, which had been my military specialisation, however I was looking to join an organisation that was receptive to change and that sat at the forefront of operationalising new technologies.

Geollect as an organisation absolutely aligned with my idea of how I wanted to work and the people I wanted to work with. With a variety of highly pertinent expertise in GIS, software development, data analysis and intelligence, Geollect is positioned to become the leader in the operationalising of geospatial intelligence from both a platform and intelligence service standpoint.

As Head of Innovation at Geollect the role offers me the opportunity to further cohere Geollect’s capabilities, maintain and develop their forward-thinking culture and drive for new ways of delivering value to their customers; what a fantastic opportunity!

My first month in the Role has been varied, exciting, challenging and if I’m honest, a great deal of fun. I have travelled to London to speak with representatives from the Maritime industry at a defence forum, met with remote sensed satellite data providers, spoken to intelligence investigations teams about the tools that they need to succeed and supported the road mapping of new and cutting-edge products.

I join Geollect at an amazing stage in their journey and can’t wait to help shape what comes next!


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