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  • The MV Wakashio grounded off Mauritius

    Geollect Analysis Reveals Shocking New Detail About Wakashio Grounding

    22/1/2021 by Geollect

    Analysis by our investigation team has revealed the Wakashio appears to have suffered an engine failure prior to its fateful grounding.

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  • bridge of a modern cargo ship and dusk

    Wakashio Phone Signal Theory Gains Traction

    24/12/2020 by Geollect

    The hypothesis we put forward that the Wakashio sailed dangerously close to Mauritius in a quest for phone signal is gaining traction. Nishan Degnarain from Forbes has delved deeper into anomalies around changes in speed and heading revealed by our analysis. The 15% slowdown in engine speed shown by our data has given rise to […]

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  • the wakashio broken up off the coast of mauritius

    The Wakashio Saga Takes Another Turn

    23/12/2020 by Geollect

    Find out how our tools are supporting investigative journalism

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  • Challenging Assumptions: When to put the AI in AIS

    23/11/2020 by Geollect

    When you purchase a ready meal from a supermarket there will be a list of ingredients on the back of the packet. This information is fundamentally important for a consumer to understand whether a product meets their nutritional needs, or whether it might contain ingredients that could be harmful to them. The same logic applies to […]

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  • North P&I launches new Globeview route risk advice provided by Geollect

    26/10/2020 by Geollect

    Shipping insurer North P&I Club has launched a new marine risk awareness system, hosted on its MyGlobeView digital platform. The Route Risk Advice application is designed to evaluate and demonstrate the potential hazards of a voyage from port of origin to destination, allowing users to input a voyage plan and receive up to date information […]

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  • North Club, partnered with Geollect, receives the 2020 SAFETY4SEA Technology Award

    21/10/2020 by Geollect

    North Club received the 2020 SAFETY4SEA Technology Award, sponsored by Green Jakobsen A/S, for launching ‘the Digital Covid-19 Tracking Tool’, a continuously updated map, built by Geollect, of the pandemic’s spread. Equipped with detailed information from highly respected maritime and health organisations, with this tool, users know what to expect at any given port and […]

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