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  • Private sector grapples with Russian oil price cap implementation

    14/12/2022 by Geollect

    As the EU, the Group of Seven (G7) and Australia (aka the Price Cap Coalition) impose a $60 price cap on seaborne Russian-origin crude as of 5 December, the shipping and insurance industries are on enforcement agencies’ radars across multiple jurisdictions. The policy seeks to allow Russian crude to remain on the international markets, though […]

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  • Geollect Partner with RIsk Intelligence A/S

    30/11/2022 by Geollect

    Bristol – November 30, 2022 – Geollect Limited and Risk Intelligence A/S have signed a partnership agreement for technical solution development, maritime investigations, and intelligence analysis. In line with Geollect company strategy, Geollect is increasingly working with partners who complement the existing capabilities of the company. The partnership with Risk Intelligence A/S is a perfect […]

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  • Satellites are hunting “dark vessels” that evade sanctions at sea

    8/11/2022 by Geollect

    Cargo ships are closely watched in the global supply chain. But what happens when they try to hide? A crude oil tanker called the Symphony 3 made its way up the westcoast of Africa in July of this year. It was being watched, and evidence suggests that the crew knew it. The ship’s self-reported location […]

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  • In honour of Queen Elizabeth II

    8/9/2022 by Georgina Hillman

    On behalf of Geollect, we wish to express our profound sadness at the passing of Her Majesty The Queen. We extend our sincerest condolences to His Majesty King Charles III, The Queen Consort, and the Royal Family. Long live The King.

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  • Geollect Launches New and Improved Russia/Ukraine Sitrep

    16/8/2022 by Geollect

    Since the outbreak of the Russia/Ukraine conflict in February 2022, Geollect have compiled a weekly situation report. The reason for this is because the information stream surrounding the war in Ukraine is unpredictable, often providing pieces of information which need to be corroborated and verified through additional sources to provide accurate analysis. Russian organisations and […]

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  • Geollect and Satellogic Team Up to Provide Market Leading Geospatial Insights in the Maritime Domain

    26/4/2022 by Geollect

    Geollect and Satellogic Team Up to Provide Market Leading Geospatial Insights in the Maritime Domain

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