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  • National Stereotypes in Large Language Models: Do Polish people like vodka?

    14/10/2021 by Geollect

    Geollect team member Anna Ledwoch has written an article about Natural Language Processing models. Anna works as a Data Scientist at Geollect and her responsibilities include performing geospatial data analyses to discover relationships, anomalies and “patterns of life”. Anna is passionate about applying machine learning to extract insights from text. Over the past few years, […]

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  • The Dark Interconnected World of the Illegal Oil Trade

    29/9/2021 by Geollect

    Background A ship to ship transfer (STS) is the transfer of cargo from one ship to another at sea. While often legitimate in origin, these operations can also involve the transfer of sanctioned cargo or oil from a sanctioned ship or nation to a more reputable ship, which can then be passed off as legitimate. […]

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  • You WINSOME, You lose some – An alternative Geollect look at the WINSOME mystery

    1/9/2021 by Geollect

    In August 2021, several mainstream media and social media articles were written raising concern over a tanker which was being reported as AIS dark for the past month. The vessel was stated to be the Guyana flagged WINSOME (IMO:9192260). Reports stated it had “disappeared” whilst in the Gulf of Oman. Many were quick to claim […]

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  • Is the MV ASPHALT PRINCESS Incident all it seems?

    5/8/2021 by Geollect

    The recent potential hijacking of the vessel MV ASPHALT PRINCESS has raised suspicions, not only due to the timing of the incident itself, but to the abandonment of the vessel less than a day later. Many have claimed that this was an unwarranted attack by Iranian backed forces against an innocent party. Geollect have conducted […]

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  • container ship at sunset

    Dynamic AIS data is reducing “dark” journeys

    16/2/2021 by Geollect

    Find out how Dynamic AIS data has reduced vessel alerts by up to 84%

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  • Impact of Covid19 on Fleet Dispersal

    15/12/2020 by Geollect

    Accumulations of vessels and the threat to insurers  The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to business operations and the global economy. The maritime industry has not escaped its clutches. Cruise ships operating when the virus began to spread were suspected of contributing significantly to the pandemic’s acceleration. The Diamond Princess that docked on […]

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