Technical articles

  • Challenging Assumptions Around the MV Wakashio Grounding

    12/11/2020 by Geollect

    By Dr Ryan Lloyd, Head Of Research And Development at Geollect – On Sunday 25th July 2020, the Panama-flagged Japanese-owned MV Wakashio was involved in an incident on the south-east coast of Mauritius that resulted in over 1000 tonnes of bunker fuel spilling onto protected coral reefs & marine ecosystems. A formal investigation is ongoing, but several […]

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  • Geollect recognised for satellite forensic investigations in Forbes

    21/10/2020 by Geollect

    The latest set of satellite assessments by global maritime analytics companies  is shedding new light into the cause of the Wakashiooil spill in Mauritius.

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  • Geollect features in ESRI UK ThinkGIS magazine

    15/10/2018 by Geollect

    Download full ThinkGis magazine – Geollect features on page 13.

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