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Dynamic AIS data is reducing “dark” journeys

Automatic Identification Service (AIS) data is the fuel that powers vessel tracking and alerting platforms. The software is the engine, but the data is what makes it purr.

Right from the inception of Geonius we’ve been using AIS data provided by Spire.

Initially the data we used was collected from terrestrial receivers and satellites. This is a great solution, but can be prone to missing signals in congested shipping lanes or areas far away from on-shore receivers.

We’ve recently incorporated Spire’s innovative Dynamic-AIS (D-AIS™) to our vessel monitoring tool and the results have been very impressive.

D-AIS™ works by transmitting data via the equipment on nearby vessels – creating mini rebroadcast stations across the ocean. This shortens the distance to terrestrial receivers and allows messages to be sent via vessels inside satellite coverage.

The net result is fewer gaps in AIS coverage and greater confidence in alerts received that a vessel of interest has “gone dark”. It also provides a much richer picture for investigations.

We’ve found in some regions the number of alerts for AIS being turned off on client’s vessels has decreased by up to 84%

Find out more about how we are using Spire’s data in their latest spotlight feature: