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Geollect deliver joint “Hybrid Threats and Hidden Targets” Webinar with Risk Intelligence A/S

On the 22nd of February 2023, Geollect and RIsk Intelligence collaborated to deliver the joint webinar “Hybrid threats, hidden targets.”  

In the webinar, we covered the hidden threats facing offshore installations and other subsea infrastructure operators and how we can improve security for our subsea energy systems.

Risk Intelligence CCO Jim Pascoe and Geollect COO Richard Gwilliam were accompanied by Senior analyst Dr Dirk Siebels and Dr Ryan Lloyd in this in-depth webinar, ‘Hybrid threats, hidden targets’, focussing on threats to and risk mitigation for subsea infrastructure.

The attacks on the Nord Stream gas pipelines last year and the unauthorised use of drones near offshore installations increased attention on hybrid operations against critical maritime infrastructure, and a range of hybrid operations have been ongoing long before Russia invaded Ukraine. However, the war and the deteriorating relationship between Russia and the West have escalated these activities and highlighted the vulnerabilities of critical maritime infrastructure. This raises the question:

What are the implications for government organisations and commercial actors operating in the affected areas, and how may such threats be mitigated?

In this webinar, Risk Intelligence joins forces with partner Geollect, a leader in geospatial intelligence technologies, to answer these questions. The webinar will address the threats facing private and public offshore operators and discuss the technology needed to monitor the related subsea infrastructure. Employing the right tools can minimise security threats, maximise safety, keep operations going, and significantly reduce maintenance, repairs, and insurance costs.