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How Geollect exploits Dynamic AIS™ to provide situational awareness of possible sanction violations

How Geollect use Dynamic AIS™ to provide an accurate picture of the marine environment, including possible sanction violations.

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D-AIS™ and Geospatial Intelligence

Geollect provides cross-domain geospatial intelligence to provide safety, security, and operational understanding.


Geollect’s core challenge is providing actionable insights from broad, disparate, and inconsistent data sets.

Geollect developed Geonius™, a dedicated geospatial intelligence platform that contextualizes and processes data, and visualizes it on easy to use interactive maps. Geollect needed to find the most complete data to reduce the margin of error in alerts for AIS outages caused by gaps in T-AIS and S-AIS signal. They also wanted to increase the overall level of confidence in alerts for indicators of possible non-sanction compliance.

An image from Geollect’s Geonius™ platform

An image from Geollect's Geonius™ platform

1. Example of a vessel that has triggered an alert. 2. International shipping lanes, created by Geollect using Spire AIS data. 3. AIS data points showing 7-day journey of selected vessel. 4. Investigate tools to explore where vessel could have travelled during AIS outage. 5. World ports and anchorages database


For this tool to be effective for their customers, they needed global, complete AIS data. Geollect upgraded to Spire’s Dynamic AIS ™ to provide an accurate picture of the marine environment.

This unique combination of three AIS sources including D-AIS™, provides comprehensive situational awareness of possible sanction violations and enables detailed investigations. This helps insurers comply with legislation and identify non-desired behaviour by insured vessels.

“Since the addition of Spire D-AIS™ to Geonius™, we reduced the number of alerting vessels by up to 84% which reduces work on the part of loss prevention investigators, and increases confidence in our system.”
Dr Ryan Lloyd – Head of Research & Development


The comprehensive volume of AIS data, combined with an intuitive user experience, saves time and effort and provides actionable insights.

The completeness of D-AIS™ data is essential to navigating the complex and fluid nature of sanction compliance.

The platform is enriched with a wide range of other data sources including intelligence reports, geospatial data, proprietary data sets, weather, and geopolitical events. As the requirements of users evolves, additional Spire data is added to further enhance fleet tracking and alerting capabilities.

Normalised daily number of alerting vessels pre and post the addition of D-AISTM data

Spire Geocollect results

The inclusion of D-AISTM dramatically increases the completeness of AIS data, reducing the amount of vessel alerts sent via Geollect’s GeoniusTM system for non-transmission of AIS in the key regions above by up to 84%.