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Geollect is a MarineTech Finalist in the Rainmaking Innovation Programme

“Industry collaboration is key to addressing the big challenges faced by the logistics and maritime industry. For far too many it remains a buzzword, unless we take real action. It is with this in mind we designed the trade & transport impact program to help corporate partners like Wärtsilä, Inmarsat and Cargotec find and engage with great disruptive startups to explore ways for improving efficiency, sustainability and safety across the industry. Geollect was selected as 1 of out only 14 finalists from a field of 650 exciting MarineTech companies from 55 countries globally, that all will convene in Hamburg next week to pursue collaborative opportunities for driving real impact and moving the needle in a notoriously conservative industry”, said Erik Christian Lund, Managing Director, Trade & Transport Impact at Rainmaking Innovation on announcing the finalists.

Richard Gwilliam (COO) Geollect, a UK company, which specialises in geospatial intelligence analysis for the logistics and maritime industry, said ‘we are extremely proud to have been selected from such a wide range of applicants. We are also excited to get this opportunity to work alongside the innovative Rainmaking team and their impressive corporate clients. This provides a perfect platform to showcase the wide-ranging applicability of Geollect’s forward thinking products in Hamburg. This opportunity will further validate Geollect as growing entity in the logistics and maritime industry, as a game changing service provider at the forefront of technological advancement’.

About Rainmaking

Rainmaking is a corporate innovation and venture development firm which works with businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 corporates, in order to solve challenges across the ever-changing landscape of innovation. The multidisciplinary team consist of some of the most experienced venture builders, strategists, engineers, designers, data scientists and growth experts around.

The trade & Transport Impact is a programme designed to address real challenges within the maritime, transportation, logistics & supply chain industry by helping the best startups & scaleups to connect and collaborate with world-leading corporates to bring real impact to the industry

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