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Geollect Partners with Softcat to Continue to Deliver their Information Environment Assessment Platform to The Royal Navy.

Geollect have signed a renewal deal to continue working with the Royal Navy to deliver their information environment assessment platform, Infosight.

Infosight will aid Royal Navy planners and campaign mangers keep pace with the rapid advancements in technology that has led to an overwhelming volume, veracity, variety, and velocity of data requiring analysis in the information environment. Infosight provides a centralised planning environment for knowledge sharing and knowledge retention that is easily shared with collaboration partners. Multiple data sources are integrated and visualised to provide greater near real time insight and situational understanding for more accurate planning and decision support.  

Partnering with the Defence Team at Softcat is an exciting step for Geollect. Softcat are the largest value-add IT reseller in the UK who work closely with the Ministry of Defence to provide them with cutting edge technology and services and help them to adopt critical technology at pace.

About Geollect: Geollect is comprised of experienced professionals, formerly of the UK and US Intelligence Communities, and academics with advanced geospatial data and intelligence analytic capabilities, creating a potent blend of tech-intelligence authority. We employ an intelligence-led approach to data science and take a data science approach to intelligence collection, resulting in a higher degree of clarity and confidence in real-time decision management.

About Softcat:  We are the UK’s largest value-add reseller of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf technology solutions, with people – whether that’s customers, solution partners or our own employees, at the heart of our business. Softcat nurtures relationships with a network of about 200 solution providers and our people first approach means we’re proud to be a Glassdoor Top Place to Work 2021. We were the first FTSE 250 company to sign 5 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Softcat have a dedicated sales team focusing on Defence & Secure Government which aligns very well to the Infosight solution provided by Geollect.

Geollect are looking forward to continuing our work with The Royal Navy and partnering with Softcat.

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