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Geollect Team in Focus – July 2021

Well, there we have it, in a flash, I tick over past the 1-year mark at Geollect, and what a year it has been! Like a young blossoming relationship, we are still in the honeymoon phase as well – I think! My colleagues may say otherwise.

In the early part of 2020 I was at a crossroads in my naval career, I had loved my time up until that point, but was looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to broaden my skillset in a commercial setting. This was also around the time my lovely wife was suggesting more time spent at home after years at sea! Geollect in this moment were moving from strength to strength, and a series of successful contracts meant the company was growing and a really strong team of driven and ambitious individuals was forming. This was something I was extremely keen to be a part of.

I would be lying if I said I was not apprehensive on joining. All I had known since education, was the institutionalised environment of the military and I felt the creeping feeling of imposter syndrome as I moved into commercial tech. Needless to say, these feelings disappeared quicker than a fart in a fan factory when I was welcomed by the incredible team we have here at Geollect. I was launched into the array of socials the company constantly runs to maintain our team ethos and culture. People often ask what our USP is at Geollect, and we tongue in cheek reply that it is our people, but I firmly believe that the togetherness this company embodies means that any task, in any timeframe can be completed to the highest standard with the utmost professionalism. The can-do attitude I have seen from every single team member across the last year elevates our product sets to new heights month by month.

My proudest achievement since joining is seeing the development of our in-house investigation team. Across the last 12 months, we have built a service from the ground up that has saved £750,000,000 in customer claims and seen a 250% increase in cases answered. This was only possible because of good, hard working, honest people. It is no secret that Geollect is a family business and as a result everyone that joins this company is accepted as family. Anyway, enough of this rambling dit lock. 1 year done and hugely excited for many more to come!