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Geollect Team in Focus – May 2021

Hello!  I am thrilled to introduce myself as the newest member of the ever-growing Geollect family and the Managing Director of the US side of the firm.  Having spent the better part of 30 years working inside SCIFs – – and often times SCIFs within SCIFs ! – – I was fascinated to learn about 7 years ago how much information of intelligence value was moving around outside the SCIFs, in the public domain.   I was also introduced to the concept of Great Power Competition and the negative impact economic levers being pulled on the global stage were having on US national security and US Navy readiness.  I quickly became aware that Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and information sharing between partners and allies, and between government and industry, as well as multi-disciplinary teaming and collaboration, are the recipe for winning in Great Power Competition.

A quick review of my resume reveals a focus on being a part of small, elite teams, and more than a few “plank owner” assignments.  I found myself building teams and programs over the last few years of my career, which I enjoyed immensely.  The focus was always on an unconventional approach to addressing an emerging challenge.  Too often in government we try to apply traditional solutions to new problems, and we become confused when the square doesn’t fit into the circle.  The United States was built by innovative and creative people.  Many of my assignments throughout my Navy career were focused on helping scientists and engineers protect their research and development from theft or disclosure.  I was consistently surrounded by innovative and creative thinkers who were not stymied by traditional solutions.

What I have found at Geollect is an elite, multi-disciplinary team of innovative and creative thinkers, organically developing novel solutions to tomorrow’s challenges, and an opportunity to build in the US upon the successes of the UK team.  As you can read, Geollect checks all my boxes!  Geollect’s platforms and solutions are bespoke and agile enough to lend themselves to numerous markets and so if you have geospatial, intelligence or investigations requirements, you too should take a look at Geollect.  We will likely check all of your boxes as well! 

Geollect is also a very family-friendly firm which places emphasis on work-life balance and prioritizing one’s mental and physical health.  So when I am not behind a keyboard you will find me fly fishing in the Southwest North Carolina national forests or the beautiful streams in and around Harrisonburg, Virginia. 

Please reach out.  I look forward to getting to know you.