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Geollect Team in Focus – November 2020

Hello! I’m Nicky, a Geospatial Intelligence Officer in Geollect’s GIS Team.

In 2019, I graduated with a BSc in Geography with Applied GIS from the University of Exeter. With a love for the environment and being outdoors, I thoroughly enjoyed my degree with particular interest in fluvial and glacial environmental systems, as well as the highly relevant topic of climate change. I have always been keen to broaden my skill base, whether this is on the sports pitch, throughout my education or starting a new career. Therefore, when I was first introduced to Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in my first year of university, I was keen to develop new skills and understanding in a technology entirely new to me.

When writing my dissertation, I really started to appreciate the power of GIS, through independently exploring tools and capabilities which allowed me to research the influential factors affecting river migration in Borneo through GIS. In an environmental setting, GIS allows one to map, model and analyse by relating seemingly unrelated data. Before my final year of university, I wanted to gain experience in GIS in the workplace and Geollect kindly offered me the opportunity to join them for a month, welcoming me as their first ‘Geo-Intern’. During my internship, I was able to adapt the skills from my degree and apply them to a sector entirely new to me and it was a very simple decision when they asked me to join full-time after graduating.

My current role at Geollect is incredibly varied day to day; my main responsibilities include creation, development and maintenance of Geollect’s Centri product range. Tasks include researching data sources to fit bespoke requirements, working with our developers to create live feeds which are embedded within our platforms and designing bespoke applications.

Over the past year not only have my GIS skills grown significantly but also my understanding of front and back-end development which are integrated into our GIS platforms. Everyday I continue to learn by developing and improving products and through interaction with my highly skilled colleagues. I have recently found a new vocation in “voiceovers” as I create video tutorials for Geollect products and am often referred to as the ‘Voice of Geollect’.

It has been wonderful to see the team grow from 3 people in 2018 when I first joined to where we are today with over 20 employees and an ever-expanding team. The team culture and ethos has flourished with the unique personalities of new members adding to the humour, goodwill and importantly the intellect of the Geollect team. I am excited to see how the company, team and products develop in the near future within the geospatial industry.

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