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Geollect Team in Focus – Oct 2020

​I’m not sure many people would have predicted how 2020 was going to go if they were asked at the beginning of this year, and that couldn’t be truer for myself. A few months ago I was travelling in South America when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and I had to hurry home. A couple of months later I was in the incredibly fortunate position of being offered a 6-week internship at Geollect and I couldn’t wait to get started. As this internship recently came to an end I was able to reflect on how much I had learned over the 6-week period and I’m very happy to say I am now a full-time employee at Geollect with a whole lot more learning to be done going forward.

During my internship, I worked primarily as a GIS analyst, drawing on experiences I gained from studying BSc Geography at the University of Exeter. Whilst I have worked with the Esri software ArcGIS Online and ArcPro before, I have merely scratched the surface with what is possible. Something that really appealed to me about Geollect was the company’s utilisation of GIS software to analyse live data and offer real-time analytics of datasets such as COVID-19 statistics, vessel locations and natural hazard events. This, alongside the incredibly diverse range of projects and freedom to create and explore your own ideas, creates an environment within which you feel incredibly valued. There hasn’t been a moment yet where there wasn’t a task on the to-do list and this only highlights how quickly Geollect is growing and the effort put in by my colleagues.

I have been asked by a few people how it felt to start a new role remotely rather than in the office, and whilst I don’t know any different when it comes to Geollect, from a personal perspective it hasn’t made a spot of difference. Regular zoom calls, socials and Funky Hat Fridays meant that when it came to meeting the team for the first time in person, no introductions were necessary. This is a credit to the Geollect family, and both their commitment to the company and the great relationship they have with each other was obvious from the get-go. I couldn’t have felt more welcome and I’m excited for what the future here holds as the team continues to grow.