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Geollect Team in Focus- October 2021

Hello, I’ve joined Geollect as a Data Scientist more than a year ago now – feels like it was yesterday! Back then, I was looking for a transition from academia to industry, having realised that lectureship is not something I want to focus on. The transition involved a lot of uncertainty, but I couldn’t find a better place to fuel my passion for research. Geollect heavily invests in R&D, and I soon found my place by applying data science and software engineering skills to solve real-world problems.

Working in a startup has a lot of perks – it was possible for me to get engaged in a variety of projects – from software and data engineering; to exploring further my interests in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. When I started, I was helping with the maritime situational awareness platform, adding new functionalities and testing existing systems, and I was really excited to learn more about productionizing data-driven software solutions. As I joined everyone was still working from home – which was quite challenging at times! But thankfully we made up the missing face-to-face time with multiple virtual socials and famous Friday “unknown banger”, which I never managed to (fairly) win 😉 Also, for your next social, when you need to think how to make your colleague’s head out of a potato – you know that you are in the right place!

My role evolved over time, and now I am engaged in development of natural language processing platform for security and defence sector. I’ve developed a strong interest in exploring what limitations artificial intelligence has, and how we can use it ethically and sustainably. These are all demanding and difficult tasks, but they give a lot of satisfaction! Regardless of how difficult work seems, here at Geollect is this unique feeling that everyone’s got your back – and truly cares for you to succeed.

We are moving to a new office soon – closer to my home than the previous place, it’s an exciting time for me to finally take out my bike from the garage. Looking forward to what next months will bring!