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Geollect Team in Focus – Sep 2020

by Josh Nock

I joined Geollect in October 2019, having previously put my geospatial intelligence skills to work in the utility sector. I was searching for a new challenge where I would be able to refine my knowledge and keep developing my abilities, whilst making a real difference with the work I was doing.

​Since joining the team, my role has diversified a lot and continually presents me with new projects which open up a multitude of different, interesting aspects of the geospatial world for me to discover – things I didn’t even know were possible before.

Every project I work on is bespoke and tailored to suit the needs and requirements of a customer’s brief, meaning our team is required to have a diverse knowledge of what is possible with the available data and how we can approach tasks differently to overcome any limitations or obstacles we face. Our collective insight allows us to share our skills and work collaboratively, meaning that we can produce high-quality, efficient products within a short timeframe.

I am constantly surprised by how much I have been able to learn from my colleagues and in return that I too have been able to teach them new skills. Working at Geollect has given me a lot of insight into the way I work, but also how others work and how our different strengths can allow us to collaborate well together. When we are working towards a common goal, it is infinitely helpful to have different perspectives and input from alternate points of view, as this can enable you to look at a task in a way you hadn’t even considered.

Aside from the work we do together, our team really feels like a family in which everyone has their own important role to play. I have always felt supported, appreciated and encouraged, and know that my personal and professional development is a high priority for the management team. I am always excited to get stuck into my work and see what challenges each week will bring.