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JMU Africa Medical Relief Project

Students at James Madison University (JMU) in Virginia, USA are using Geollect’s Geonius software as part of their Supply Chain course in order to map vessels carrying important medical supplies and equipment for African Hospitals.

The JMU Africa Medical Relief Project was created to provide the JMU Supply Chain students with an engaged learning opportunity. This global logistics project also serves as a demonstration for other university supply chain programs to generate creative engaged learning projects that provide students with hands-on opportunities to apply their knowledge and contribute to global humanitarian opportunities to serve.

The Africa Medical Relief Project serves to facilitate the delivery of medical supplies internationally by sourcing, storing, and shipping vital healthcare resources to Africa. This project has served healthcare-related needs in both the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia.

Geollect has provided the project with our Geonius software to demonstrate remote sensing and vessel tracking. Geonius allows JMU students to observe, near real time, the location of the vessels carrying the medical equipment and supplies. The most recent shipment of two 40′ high-cube containers will leave the port of Norfolk, VA November 14th. Students will observe vessel locations enroute to Djibouti.

Geonius is a proprietary, flexible, request-driven platform. Geonius is a solution that can be tailored specifically to your needs or used off-the-shelf towards maritime domain awareness, insurance, or investigative use cases. The platform provides near real-time exposure management, enabling users to see where their dynamic or static assets are in relation to a myriad of threats.

It’s been fantastic to see our Geonius platform being used for global humanitarian outreach and we’re looking forward to following the students progress in the future!