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the wakashio broken up off the coast of mauritius

The Wakashio Saga Takes Another Turn

“From Geollect’s analysis, the Wakashio was heading straight into the centre of Mauritius on a direct collision course with the town of Mahebourg.”

Following the statement by the CEO of MOL on 17 December with his explanation for the devastating grounding, Nishan Degnarain at Forbes has dived in to examine some potentially glaring discrepancies.

We are not in a position to offer an opinion on the theories around fuel and maintenance. But our comprehensive data and analysis tools have provided a detailed insight into the Wakashio’s behaviour. This thorough understanding of the vessel’s course, and when and where it changed speed & direction have provided evidence that challenges the claims made by MOL. Our analysis has helped shape possible hypothesis for further investigation.

The article also raises the question of whether vessel owners should be making more use of tools like the ones we provide so they can keep a closer eye on their fleet. If the technology exists at an affordable price, how can ship operators justify not using it? Monitoring behaviour and spotting warning signs could prevent horrible accidents like this from happening in future.