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Uk P&I club – Geollect Portal update

UK P&I Club has published a press release based on the feedback from their Membership Based on this feedback, they have continued to evolve Geollects’ Maritime Intelligence Portal.  The portal is now based on a global map and shows the following:

  • Major Maritime Shipping Routes
  • Maritime incidents ( UKMTO & NGA)
  • Geographic locations of our lessons learned page
  • Miscellaneous reports ( reports from worldwide press and our correspondent’s network that have a direct effect on how our Members conduct their business)
  • Updated US, UK & EU sanction
  • Open source new scrapes on piracy, shipping and logistics incidents and stories of interest
  • Major weather event tracking
  • Major ports around the world with Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) scrape about the port
  • Updated planning charts for all UKMTO Voluntary Reporting and HR Areas

Read more about this and view the Geollect portal on the UK P&I website