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Wakashio Phone Signal Theory Gains Traction

The hypothesis we put forward that the Wakashio sailed dangerously close to Mauritius in a quest for phone signal is gaining traction.

Nishan Degnarain from Forbes has delved deeper into anomalies around changes in speed and heading revealed by our analysis.

The 15% slowdown in engine speed shown by our data has given rise to a theory around engine trouble. Other evidence has emerged to support the idea the vessel changed course to get closer to land because of loss of communication.

Our software and trained analysts help identify anomalies and potentially suspicious behaviour. This can then direct more targeted study to fill in the blanks. Comprehensive satellite location data in an easy-to-use investigative platform provides a detailed breakdown of a vessel’s journey – including speed, direction changes, and periods of AIS outage.

This analysis has provided some background that has raised serious questions around MOL’s version of events. Relevant data has been used to aide detailed enquiry – a perfect example of our data-enabled, human-centred approach to intelligence and maritime investigations.

Read the full article, including an interview with our COO, Richard Gwilliam, below: