About Geollect

Mission and experience

“We are at the leading edge of a global, geospatial intelligence revolution. Our products change the way organisations think and communicate by blending multiple layers of data into one place. The accuracy of real-time information, pinpoint location certainty and machine learning offer insights and advanced foresights you won’t get from anyone else, meaning our clients know where, know first and know more.”

Cate Gwilliam – Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Proudly part of Roke

Geollect is a Roke company and part of Chemring Group PLC. Roke is a leading UK innovator in science and engineering. It conceives, designs and secures technically advanced data and communication systems for governments and businesses. Roke’s strategy is to combine and apply its expertise and cutting-edge technologies to solve real world technical challenges and help deliver critical missions for its customers.

Roke employs approximately 850 people, and with locations in Romsey, Bristol, Woking, Gloucester and Manchester, meets the needs of customers across the UK and abroad. Its diverse portfolio of products and services deliver trusted solutions to protect people, platforms, missions and information against constantly changing threats.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower you to make faster, more accurate and informed decisions.

We are creating a paradigm shift in the way you approach complex operational problems with creative, technological interventions, which deliver enduring meaning and value. We deliver answers and bring clarity to what should be trusted.

Experience and Intelligence

Geollect is comprised of experienced professionals, formerly of the UK and US Intelligence Communities, and academics with advanced geospatial data and intelligence analytic capabilities, creating a potent blend of tech-intelligence authority. We employ an intelligence-led approach to data science and take a data science approach to intelligence collection, resulting in a higher degree of clarity and confidence in real-time decision management.

The rapid advancement of technology has led to an overwhelming volume, veracity, variety, and velocity of data requiring analysis. Outdated trend analysis involving historic statistics to map future challenges leave organisations ill-prepared to recognise and deal with emerging risks.

Geollect transforms historical and live data into action, so our clients know what is happening today and are prepared for tomorrow.

We are location experts. Using automation techniques, we take live data and we map it.

We are intelligence experts. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence we interpret data to reveal relationships and patterns of rapidly evolving issues to help identify emerging risks in real-time.

We are software experts. Our cloud-based solutions and data services ensure our products are easy to use – anytime, anywhere.


It is forward-thinking UK companies like Geollect that are driving the rapid growth of the geospatial industry and giving the UK economy a boost. Now is the time for other businesses to tap into the international opportunities for geospatial analysis and showcase British services and expertise on the global stage.

Secretary of State for International Trade

Geollect’s platform has transformed the way in which we review vessels entered with the Club. The best part of working with Geollect, apart from being professional, is that they are very friendly and approachable and always use their best endeavours to find a solution to every request.

The London P&I Club

Working with Geollect has allowed us to develop a bespoke geo-referenced information platform, where we can share a variety of sources of information with our Members. The expertise and dedication of the Geollect team has allowed us to quickly develop and launch additional data layers relating to topical global issues. Through the Geollect team taking the time to fully understand our needs and requirements, they have been able to utilise their experience and expertise to deliver a fantastic resource for our Members. We are excited to be working with an innovative company like Geollect and look forward to continuing to further enhance and develop the capabilities of our platform.

North of England P&I Club

Geollect has been a great partner in our efforts to broaden our situational awareness, by providing a more holistic and integrated view of our global asset exposure and the risks we face at Royal Caribbean. Working in the intelligence analysis space at Royal Caribbean during the last 5 years and testing various technology platforms, I can say without question that Geollect is at the top of that list. It’s been challenging to find a provider that understands the maritime space and can deliver a platform that adequately meets our intelligence needs. Their ability to bring together disparate layers of data—both at sea and on land—and visually represent them in an integrated manner made them stand out above the rest. We are excited about our partnership with Geollect and look forward to a collaborative relationship.

Royal Caribbean Group