Our History

Story and timeline

Our Story

Maps have changed for good. We have moved from ‘best guess’ and ‘probably’ to a new era of accuracy and increased certainty in intelligence patterns. Geollect’s founders identified an opportunity to build on their foundation of experience in UK and US intelligence with the rapidly evolving disciplines of data science and location technologies to address these challenges.

In 2017, the founders of Geollect had an idea that quickly evolved into action.

We could see the rapid shift in data availability and the ever-growing requirements for solutions to make sense of that data. Geospatial is part of our DNA, so we knew that to make sense of all this data, we needed to leverage location technologies. We needed to map it to make sense of it. We knew that outdated methodologies would not work, but we knew that there was value in building on the solid foundation of intelligence best practices. So, we started on a journey to build a team that could harness the power of machine learning and advanced geospatial analysis to translate the enormous amount of powerful and actionable data intelligence into decisions and impactful benefits.

Our team started with 2 intelligence officers back in 2017 and is now a continuously expanding team of geospatial analysts, remote sensing experts, intelligence experts, software developers, data scientists, and data engineers. Everyone who joins the team shares the same ambition, passion for geospatial data, and eagerness to just get things done!

Throughout our journey we have recognised the value of partnerships. We have built and fostered partners across the globe who are like-minded organisations who sweat the details, value user experience, and have a passion for acting quickly and efficiently.

Within two years of founding, Geollect has grown a strong customer base across multiple sectors. We grew our capability from the first prototype built in a slides presentation to a catalogue of web-based solutions that look deeper, using pattern-of-life analysis and intelligence expertise to statistically describe normal operations in an area, corroborate social media and reporting agents in near real-time, and identify behaviours that put assets at greater risk.

Geollect History

2020 Scale Up

Empowering users with geospatial intelligence insights anywhere, anytime.

  • North P&I Club, partnered with Geollect, wins the 2020 SAFETY4SEA Technology Award
  • West P&I Club launches Neptune, a global information portal built by Geollect
  • Sight, Situational Insights for Global Health Trends, launched
  • Soldiering On Awards Business Scale Up of the Year
  • Geonius, a proprietary asset tracking and alerting tool is launched
  • Geollect selected for first ever GCHQ mentoring programme
  • Geollect recognised for providing ground-breaking services in support of tracking Covid-19
  • Geollect part of Amazon’s AWS expansion into the aerospace and satellite industry
  • Channel partner and integrator agreement with Kleos
  • Staff numbers triple

2019 Growth and Development

Growth beyond insurance into defence and cruise sectors.

2018 Market Entry

Immediate impact, product recognition.

  • Staff numbers double.
  • Our products save clients over $650 million.
  • Selected as part of the first Lloyds Lab.
  • Worked with the UK Ministry of Defence Joint Innovation Hub.
  • Named in Public’s Top 65 Start-ups Improving Frictionless Trade.
  • Keynote speakers at UK Maritime and Disaster Security Expo.
  • Panel Speaker at the British Romanian Trade Summit.

2017 Start Up

Geollect launches.

  • The Geollect journey began in January 2017.
  • First contract signed in October with global leading P&I Club.
  • Official launch at the UK Security Expo in London.​
  • Selected as Esri Emerging Business Partner.


Geollect’s platform has transformed the way in which we review vessels entered with the Club. The best part of working with Geollect, apart from being professional, is that they are very friendly and approachable and always use their best endeavours to find a solution to every request.

The London P&I Club

Working with Geollect has allowed us to develop a bespoke geo-referenced information platform, where we can share a variety of sources of information with our Members. The expertise and dedication of the Geollect team has allowed us to quickly develop and launch additional data layers relating to topical global issues. Through the Geollect team taking the time to fully understand our needs and requirements, they have been able to utilise their experience and expertise to deliver a fantastic resource for our Members. We are excited to be working with an innovative company like Geollect and look forward to continuing to further enhance and develop the capabilities of our platform.


Geollect has been a great partner in our efforts to broaden our situational awareness, by providing a more holistic and integrated view of our global asset exposure and the risks we face at Royal Caribbean. Working in the intelligence analysis space at Royal Caribbean during the last 5 years and testing various technology platforms, I can say without question that Geollect is at the top of that list. It’s been challenging to find a provider that understands the maritime space and can deliver a platform that adequately meets our intelligence needs. Their ability to bring together disparate layers of data—both at sea and on land—and visually represent them in an integrated manner made them stand out above the rest. We are excited about our partnership with Geollect and look forward to a collaborative relationship.

RoyalCaribbean International

It is forward-thinking UK companies like Geollect that are driving the rapid growth of the geospatial industry and giving the UK economy a boost. Now is the time for other businesses to tap into the international opportunities for geospatial analysis and showcase British services and expertise on the global stage.

Secretary of State for International Trade