Daniel Freeman

Cloud Engineer

About Daniel

I am thrilled to be joining the team at Geollect as a Cloud Engineer, focusing on the AWS Cloud Architecture platforms that power the company’s geospatial offerings and expertise. I love working on mission critical projects that provide benefits for society, and my past experience has largely been based in the Space domain, having worked on ground-segment systems for monitoring & control of climate satellites to space weather forecasting.

I tend to lean more towards the back-end & architecture side of development, but I’ve dabbled across the whole stack and never shy away from the frontend. I’ve also done the whole team-lead and scrum master roles as well. I’d say my aims when joining a team or taking on a new project always start with trying to automate and smoothen the developer experience as much as possible.Outside of the workplace, I’m an avid long-distance runner (when I’m not injured!) and enjoy a multitude of games, from video games to boardgames (& DND), PC to consoles, give me a game and I’ll give it a try. You may also find me in the garden tending to the plants – hard to say if this is out of choice or necessity to keep it under control however!