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Geollect Launches New and Improved Russia/Ukraine Sitrep

Since the outbreak of the Russia/Ukraine conflict in February 2022, Geollect have compiled a weekly situation report. The reason for this is because the information stream surrounding the war in Ukraine is unpredictable, often providing pieces of information which need to be corroborated and verified through additional sources to provide accurate analysis. Russian organisations and associated individuals continue to try and manipulate certain information and narratives.  Where possible, Geollect has verified sources either through corroboration or geolocation.

Due to ever increasing engagement with our weekly Russia/Ukraine Sitrep we have commissioned a more interactive version to improve user experience.

Contact us to see the latest information compiled by Geollect analysts. While this situation is rapidly developing, all-source collation can provide essential insights for an area in which information may be missed with traditional gathering methods.

Some new features include:

🆕Interactive map functions with accompanying legends for readers to explore in more detail than a static PDF.

🆕Embedded links to videos and social media narratives.

🆕Moving traffic analysis of shipping trends in the Black Sea this week.

🆕Shoot to scene Maritime Incidents and Navigational Warnings.

At Geollect, we strive to be as innovative as possible and improve products based on user feedback. For more information about this or other Geollect products we provide our customers, please email

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