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Geollect Team in Focus – February 2021

It’s been almost a year now since I joined Geollect. Back then I was looking for a new challenge, an employer that would both allow me to develop myself, as well as my career. Not limited to that, I was expecting to find a fun work environment where I could be myself, meet new friends and really enjoy waking up and going to work. For some time it felt like a lot to expect from an employer. Fortunately, I found all that and much, much more with Geollect.

When I started, my main focus was to refactor the backend for one of the products in Geollect’s offering. I could utilise my AWS knowledge, as well as play so many different roles in the software development process, from architect to tester. It was both fun and demanding to build a robust system almost from the ground up. A real challenge that I was looking for.

My role evolved with time and my knowledge allowed me to help in many more places than just one project. I feel really lucky that I can call myself a lead developer now. I believe Geollect allowed me to thrive and push my ambition and knowledge to the edge. After long refactoring, my services are now working for customers and I’m proud of my work. It’s a good feeling when something which you have worked on for a long time finally becomes live and helps to improve all that Geollect has to offer.

A big part of Geollect is our culture. It’s family-like, but not in a Godfather sense. After getting to know everybody, you easily find space to fit in. Furthermore, you can get all your weird self out. We do not judge, but we do have a specific sense of humour. I personally can’t wait for every social we do, as they all are unique and you can see the personality of the person running them, it always feels like they poured their heart into it.