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Geollect Team in Focus – September 2021

Hi everybody, I’m Connor the Head of Sales and Marketing here at Geollect. It’s
been eight months since I joined the amazing team here and it’s gone by in a
flash. They say that every day is a learning day and that has never been truer
than working here.

A bit about me, I’ve always worked in sales across a range of different tech
industries, this experience really opened my eyes to what is possible with
technology so when the opportunity came up to learn about what Geollect do I
had to take it. I joined the company after just one call with Cate and Rich as I
knew straight away that I wanted to be a part of the Geollect journey. What
impressed me the most was the vision Cate and Rich had for the company as
well as hearing about how good the culture was and how hard everyone works to
make us the best at what we do.

Coming in I didn’t know what to expect. Starting a new job in a completely new
industry is always daunting and add to that the fact we were still in total
lockdown, meaning I had to start fully remotely, was something completely new
to me. Thankfully everything I heard on that first call about Geollect’s culture
was completely right and everyone made me feel at home straight away. I soon
realised that I had made the right choice: from the various company socials to
the famed ‘unknown banger’, which I’m still yet to win, I feel genuinely at home
at Geollect.

It’s crazy to me, looking back at what has been achieved over the past eight
months, from opening an office in the US to hiring an amazing sales and
marketing team as well as expanding our business with new contracts, how
much I’ve learnt. I’m really excited to see what the next eight months hold as we
continue our journey on the rocket ship that is Geollect!