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The Armed Forces veterans using military skills to run successful businesses

Richard Gwilliam (centre) is co-founder of Geollect and was in the Royal Navy for 28 years (Image: Bristol Post)

It’s been five years since the UK withdrew its last troops from operations in Afghanistan and since then thousands of servicemen and women have left the Armed Forces and transitioned back into civilian life.

​Some of these individuals have chosen to leave the military to embark on new career paths while others have been medically discharged from service.

“Business is like taking a hill in the military – you have an objective and you keep going until you take that hill. ” says, Richard Gwilliam, co-founder of Geollect, 

“I joined the Royal Navy straight from school and served for 28 years. First I was an air engineer but I later became an intelligence officer. I worked in Bahrain for a while for the Americans, where I met my wife who was also an intelligence officer for the National Geospatial Agency.”

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