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Geollect Signs a Multi-Year Deal With West of England P&I Club to Continue to Deliver Maritime Intelligence Tools, Sanction Compliance Support, and Forensic Investigations

Geollect have signed a deal to continue working with the West of England P&I Club to deliver their innovative data portal, Neptune. West P&I will also continue to leverage Geollect’s vessel tracking and alerting system, Geonius, to ensure sanctions compliance, and utilise our specialist investigative support.

Neptune was developed to contain a wealth of information to help members, brokers and correspondents with voyage planning and execution. A fusion of the Club’s own data, third party information and Geollect’s proprietary data offers a comprehensive range of near real-time and reference data sources to assist those involved in shipping operations with heightened situational awareness. West P&I will also be taking advantage of Geollect’s new GeoCMS system to publish their own geospatial data.

Geonius is a solution that automatically tracks and identifies vessels suspected of sanction non-compliance, and allows West’s staff to definitively explore vessel activity in context. It helps reduce the amount of time spent researching to achieve valuable insights. The platform provides up to date, aggregated information and intelligence about vessels’ movements on a global, regional, and local scale. 

Geollect will continue to help support the loss prevention and claims teams with detailed investigations into maritime issues and incidents. Our strong experience dealing with customer claims and investigations provide clients across the maritime industry with the answers they need.

We are looking forward to continuing our work with West P&I club and growing our expertise within the Maritime industry.

About Geollect:

Geollect is the UK leader in geospatial intelligence technologies. We offer geospatial intelligence, centralised intelligence and data as a service products. The versatility and applicability of our product solutions are employed across multiple private and public sectors. Our success stories demonstrate how we deliver dynamic insights and geospatial awareness for decision support to a network of high-profile global clients in the defence, maritime insurance and cruise industries. Geollect transforms historical and live data into action, so our clients know what is happening today and are prepared for tomorrow.

About West of England P&I Club:

West P&I Club is a leading insurance provider to the global maritime industry, combining financial strength with outstanding service to help its Members meet the continually evolving liability environment in which shipowners, operators and charterers operate. West P&I Club provide a broad range of complementary insurance products which can be tailored to meet a member’s individual requirements.