Technical articles

  • container ship at sunset

    Dynamic AIS data is reducing “dark” journeys

    16/2/2021 by Geollect

    Find out how Dynamic AIS data has reduced vessel alerts by up to 84%

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  • Impact of Covid19 on Fleet Dispersal

    15/12/2020 by Geollect

    Accumulations of vessels and the threat to insurers  The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to business operations and the global economy. The maritime industry has not escaped its clutches. Cruise ships operating when the virus began to spread were suspected of contributing significantly to the pandemic’s acceleration. The Diamond Princess that docked on […]

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  • Challenging Assumptions Around the MV Wakashio Grounding

    12/11/2020 by Geollect

    By Dr Ryan Lloyd, Head Of Research And Development at Geollect – On Sunday 25th July 2020, the Panama-flagged Japanese-owned MV Wakashio was involved in an incident on the south-east coast of Mauritius that resulted in over 1000 tonnes of bunker fuel spilling onto protected coral reefs & marine ecosystems. A formal investigation is ongoing, but several […]

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  • Geollect recognised for satellite forensic investigations in Forbes

    21/10/2020 by Geollect

    The latest set of satellite assessments by global maritime analytics companies  is shedding new light into the cause of the Wakashiooil spill in Mauritius.

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  • Geollect features in ESRI UK ThinkGIS magazine

    15/10/2018 by Geollect

    Download full ThinkGis magazine – Geollect features on page 13.

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