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  • Satellites are hunting “dark vessels” that evade sanctions at sea

    8/11/2022 by Geollect

    Cargo ships are closely watched in the global supply chain. But what happens when they try to hide? A crude oil tanker called the Symphony 3 made its way up the westcoast of Africa in July of this year. It was being watched, and evidence suggests that the crew knew it. The ship’s self-reported location […]

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  • Thoughts from GEOINT 2022

    18/5/2022 by Geollect

    Dr Adam Symington gives us his thoughts on the GEOINT22 Symposium in Denver. I was lucky enough to be part of a team representing Geollect at the GEOINT Symposium in Denver earlier this month. This was a fantastic opportunity for me personally to show off my skills to a massive audience, get a better feel for the industry and meet some of the industry leaders. It was also a great opportunity for Geollect to showcase some of the fantastic developments that we have been adding to our situational awareness platform, notably, the addition of ADS-B data to allow users to monitor aircraft.

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  • Was the Admiral Makarov Really Hit?

    10/5/2022 by Geollect

    Rumours began to circulate in the mainstream media over the weekend that the Russian Admiral Grigorovich class vessel, Admiral Makarov, had been successfully targeted and destroyed. Many sources were quick to jump on this story claiming it had been verified and confirmed, however, little supporting evidence was shown. Geollect set out to do what they know best – challenge assumptions.

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  • Are Bigger Ships Better? The danger of shifting more with less!

    29/4/2022 by Geollect

    With the average capacity of container ships still on the rise, there are advantages to be grabbed, but concerns too. For all the economies of scale they bring, there are implications for safety, access to ports, and the worry of supply chaos if something goes wrong. And things do go wrong. So what will the […]

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  • Fuelling the shipping industry, what is the next step?

    22/4/2022 by Geollect

    At the recent Marine Money conference in London, one issue hung in the air heavier than the scent of dollars. That was the other d-word, decarbonisation. From the floor, speaker after speaker talked of the need to change, the challenges of going green, the benefits of slashing emissions, and the need to somehow embrace new fuel options. The challenges were clearly laid down, but unfortunately, the mechanisms for achieving success were somewhat less apparent.

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  • How Russian Oligarchs are Avoiding Sanctions and Seizure of Personal Vessels in International Waters Amid the Ongoing War in Ukraine

    4/4/2022 by Geollect

    AIS tracking data from Spire Global is helping monitor the movements of Russian-owned vessels during the ongoing crisis in Ukraine

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