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  • Geollect Team in Focus – November 2020

    16/11/2020 by Geollect

    Hello! I’m Nicky, a Geospatial Intelligence Officer in Geollect’s GIS Team. In 2019, I graduated with a BSc in Geography with Applied GIS from the University of Exeter. With a love for the environment and being outdoors, I thoroughly enjoyed my degree with particular interest in fluvial and glacial environmental systems, as well as the […]

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  • Geollect Team in Focus – Oct 2020

    6/10/2020 by Geollect

    ​I’m not sure many people would have predicted how 2020 was going to go if they were asked at the beginning of this year, and that couldn’t be truer for myself. A few months ago I was travelling in South America when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and I had to hurry home. A couple […]

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  • Introducing SIGHT

    5/10/2020 by Geollect

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  • Geollect Team in Focus – Sep 2020

    7/9/2020 by Geollect

    by Josh Nock I joined Geollect in October 2019, having previously put my geospatial intelligence skills to work in the utility sector. I was searching for a new challenge where I would be able to refine my knowledge and keep developing my abilities, whilst making a real difference with the work I was doing. ​Since […]

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  • Calling old shipmates…

    10/8/2020 by Geollect

    Back in the last few days of March I received a call from Rich & Cate Gwilliam, founders of Geollect. Rich & I had served together in the Royal Navy and since retiring from the service we had kept in touch; from a distance I had witnessed the birth, growth and success of Geollect. I […]

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  • From College to Geollect – My Journey

    14/7/2020 by Geollect

    by James Grimes For a College Student who had recently graduated, going straight into the job market seemed quite intimidating. It was also a strange time to say the least – at this young age, most were studying for a degree, while working full time almost immediately after college seemed unheard of. I was ready […]

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